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Knowing More About Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Although these days the clan people mostly live in Oklahoma and Ohio, initially they were from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. To avoid getting into war with the immigrants, these people liked moving a lot from one place to the other. As a result of the nomadic lifestyle, they were not able to establish permanent houses. Their shelters were known as Wigwams and they were majorly setup using tree products and also grass from the thickets. The grass was closely placed together so as to ensure that heat was not lost and also to boost the security and confidentiality of each home as it was used in the building of the roof and the sides of the shelter.

In comparison to the other Indians that were there in the United States of America, these natives did not possess a distinguished manner of dressing. It is through hunting, fishing and farming of the fields that this tribe got to survive. Hunting was conducted by the strongest males in the clan whereas farming was done by the females who were also in charge of taking care of their homesteads when the men were away. Although they planted other types of crops, they mainly dealt with corn.

These people only got to cut their hair when they were heading for a fight and that is also the only time that they got to wipe their face paint. Among the many ethnic groups that did not like being associated with war apart from when their families have been attacked, the Piqua Shawnee ranks at the top as they loved to coexist peacefully and vacated once this was compromised. The love for their cultural practices and anything that was associated with them lead to the increased desire to only marry a person from the tribe.

After they were done with their duties, kids were mobilized to gather around their parents or other older people in their clan to be educated more on their cultural practices. It is the education that they received in addition to being made to recognize themselves as the most looked up people that have facilitated the holding on to their culture up to now. The governing system was a hierarchy one and matters had to be taken to the most junior person in the governing system before being taken to the most senior one in the hierarchy.

It is crucial that people get to take their time in trying to understand about the Shawnee tribe. Familiarizing themselves with these tribesmen will help them value the role that they have played in modern day history. Even though they may live distant from each other, they always meet to share their experiences and joys from time to time, every year. Their own festivities help them to stay united always.

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