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The Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy

One of the leading updates in the medical world is the discovery and success of stem cell therapy. Although this modern innovation has already made successful treatments to patients all over the world, there are still mysteries that enshroud it. The process of this therapy is quite simple to understand. The process by which this therapy is done is usually assisted by a machine which makes things a lot easier. It is necessary to understand the definition of stem cells first in order to know what happens in this therapy.

Stem Cells in the Body

A stem cell is basically a special type of cell in the human body that aids the regeneration of tissues in the system. An embryonic stem cell is one of the most active stem cells produced by the human body but it is only present in an embryo. Researchers have already observed embryonic stem cells under the microscope but their full ability is still not fully understood. Many controversies about how embryonic stem cells are used are still the reason why they are not fully accepted in traditional treatment centers.

The stem cells that can be found other than embryos are called adult stem cells. Bodily tissues inside the body usually contain adult stem cells that aids in regeneration in case of damages. Adult stem cells are the most commonly used stem cells in a stem cell therapy but there are still some that uses embryonic stem cells. The human muscle and brain tissues are typically the best sources of adult stem cells. Researchers have also recently found out that fats contain large numbers of adult stem cells. Patients of this stem cell treatment have found cure in their conditions due to its quick and evident results.

The Type of Stem Cells

Xenogenic, allogenic, and autologous are the three types of stem cells. Stem cells that are harvested from animals are called the autologous stem cells. The human body does not normally reject autologous stem cells which is why they are the most ideal to use in surgeries and transplants. The term used to describe the stem cells that are used and harvested from the same species is allogenic stem cell. Since these cells are coming from the same species, there is less likelihood of rejection from the patient. Stem cells that are harvested from a completely different source are called xenogenic. Xenogenic stem cells are used in treating various conditions although rejection in the patient’s body is quite common. If you want to know more about how stem cell therapy works, you should speak with your physician or research online.

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