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10/12/2017 Off By vishlenup

Here Are Things That You Can Do To Lower The Risk Of Getting Cancer

A lot of people are being diagnosed with cancer each year. I will be giving you some guidelines on how you can lower your risk in having cancer. There are really a lot of preventive actions that you can take to avoid this dreadful disease.

Below are helpful cancer prevention tips:

A. You need to have a healthy diet

It is very important that your daily diet is healthy. You are not only lowering your risk of getting cancer but preventive other diseases when you eat healthy. You need to eat plenty of vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grain if you want a healthy diet. These food can lower your risk of having cancer. You should not waste your time in eating junk food, food that have a high content in sugar and drinking alcohol. You should set a daily healthy diet plan.

B. You should eat food that are resistant starches

It is also good for you if you eat food that are resistant starches. Here are examples; porridge oats, green bananas, white beans and more. These kinds of food can really lessen your risk of having colon cancer because it has colon cleaning properties in order for your colon to properly function.

C. Get circumcised

Studies show that circumcision can lower the risk of men having penile cancer and it is also prevents men from spreading HPV virus to women. This virus is one of the causes of cervical cancer in women. It is really advisable that men will get circumcised.

D. You should have a healthy and active lifestyle

It is really important that your weight is appropriate weight. Daily exercises is important and not only will it make you healthy but it will also prevent different diseases. You daily exercise should last about 1 hour and 30 mins if you want to get its full benefit. good thing today, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a type of exercise.

E. You need to be safe from the sun

A lot of people really love spending their time in the sun, like playing outside, walking and more, however a lot of people do not know that extreme sunlight exposure can cause cancer.

You need to be protected from the sun and you can do this by putting on sunblock, wearing long sleeves or putting on a sun hat. This can lower your risk of getting skin cancer.

F. You should practice safe sex

Practicing safe sex is also good for your health. Safe sex can protect you from other types of diseases.

You can really prevent having cancer when you follow these tips that were mentioned above.