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Boat Propellers; Everything You Need To Know

It is very important to have the right propeller if you aim to give your engine a longer life and an extraordinary performance. We could not say that a single propeller is the right or the perfect one all the time. It is understandable that there will be times wherein the propellers should absolutely be changed especially when you are planning to use it in a different way than how it used to be. It is because of the fact that if you do not change your propeller and you are using the wrong one, then there is a possibility that it would damage your boat or your engine in a very less amount of time. It is expected that the dealer from whom you bought your boat from, should see to it that the propeller that comes with it is the correct one especially if you have bought it together as a package. That is why, prior to buying it, you must make sure that you verify this matter with the dealer. But then, you should expect that if you already own the boat, things may already be changed. There are certain factors on how the dealer chooses the right propeller for your boat and one of them is basing it on the load that your boat could manage. You should know that this criteria is very important and planning to put items that have heavy load could alter it.

This article was made to make you understand what does boat propellers really mean and in order to do that, let us go through with the basic terms first.
Pitch is one of the most important terms that is being used when it comes to boat propeller topics. The pitch is basically the one that measures the distance that the boat propeller travelled and how fast did it travel forward and backward. Just like the screw which tries to penetrate the water by turning, the propeller also looks like that. Diameter is also one of the basic terms that you need to know. From the center point up to the distance that the blade could travel the most, the distance is being measured and that is called the diameter. You have already learned about the pitch, now it is time to know the slip which is connected with it. It is because of the fact that the pitch, which is defines as the distance that being travelled by the propeller, could definitely be affected when there will be slippage that will happen on the process. Depending on the propeller’s design and its usage, a propeller that is standard will experience 10 up to 30 percent of slip. The blade thickness is also being used in boat propellers and it is recommended to use the thinnest blade.

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