Some Hidden Facts About Breast Implants You Should Know

14/02/2020 Off By Aubrey

Many women justify various ways to get the shape of sexy breasts. Starting from silicone injections to plastic surgery or implants.

Though doing breast augmentation dc through implant techniques have negative and harmful effects. However, despite the need for long procedures and processes and have the effect of complications still many women do breast implants.

Before deciding to implant, you should first know the facts about breast implants, as quoted from the page Shine:

1. Not lasting forever
According to the FDA, if undergoing a breast implant technique (silicone or surgery), you may need additional surgery within 10-15 years. This may be due to possible complications such as asymmetric breast size problems, wrinkles, and so on.

2. It is difficult to detect any symptoms of breast cancer
Some types of silicone implants can make it difficult to detect cancer at a mammogram regularly. Some studies estimate, 30 percent of tumors will be difficult to find in women who perform surgery.

Of course, if you have an implant, this is no reason to miss a mammogram at all. If forced to do an implant, find a doctor who can help you detect cancer effectively even if it has been implanted.

3. Effects on the psychological
Women with breast implants are 72 percent more likely to commit suicide. However, it is not the result of a full implant. This happens because the desire to do the implant does not solve the psychological problems that already existed. Such as low self-esteem or depression. We recommend that you consult with a psychologist first before undergoing any plastic surgery.

4. Most men prefer natural breast forms
No scientific studies justify this view. However, in each magazine-sponsored survey, it was found that over 80 percent of men said they preferred women with natural breasts. According to male respondents, natural breasts are more visible symmetry, soft and has a perfect shape.

5. There is a natural way of raising breasts
Breast surgery has a negative effect that may be accepted 10 or 15 years later. Therefore, it is better to raise breasts in a natural way, that is with sports.

Perform movements that strengthen the upper back can help naturally enlarge and tighten the breasts. It is also advisable to perform push-ups, which will train your muscles to pull the shoulders down and back, and automatically tighten the breast muscles.