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The Role of Supercomputers in Finding a Cure for Cancer

A number of scientists especially those involve in oncology believed that the time it takes to develop a new cure for cancer is already attainable within a year instead of six years but of course with the help of supercomputers.

If the use of these computers is a stepping stone in developing a new cure for cancer well then it is indeed a great discovery that will save not just thousands by millions of people around the world.

In making this project a success researchers need the help of various companies and organizations like the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research as well as the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company.

What the researchers propose is to utilize supercomputers to reduce the time it takes to find drugs for cancer and test it as soon as possible. This may remain a dream if technological advancements were not made luckily you now have augmented reality and preclinical imaging which makes the development of drugs faster than ever. The group behind this research believe this is really possible. Success is just around the corner, you can just imagine how many people it can help if the project is successful.

Research Investments Amounting to $750,000

According to Aedin Culhane, a senior research scientist this endeavor is no longer in the brim of total failure, the chances of getting a successful research is already increasing with the aid of technology.

Moreover, according to Helen Diller the University of San Francisco is also taking an active part in developing the research and lab necessary for the project, this is possible by investing $750,000 per annum. Sure enough they would not invest such amount if they did not believe this is possible and this will succeed.

The role of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

The primary contribution of GlaxoSmithKlin is the accessibility of data pertaining to almost 2 million molecules that could be used as a part of the drugs used in curing cancer.It was also found out that 500 molecules were not able to make it through the other stages in drug development. This data along with the supercomputers can provide complex algorithms that could literally change the course of cancer research and surpass the obstacles in the research, time being the number one problem. If you are given the chance to provide preventive medications to cancer, would you rather not take the path leading to it of course any person would want to provide treatments that could help in the prevention of cancer. If this project succeeds, a number of people will be saved and the quality of life they have can be improved because of this research, this is still in the course of becoming a successful endeavor but if this succeeds you’ll see how it can make a difference.