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Tips on Writing an Affidavit

An affidavit is a statement that is put in writing by a person to help with a case hearing, mainly done through an oath or affirmation. The primary purpose as to why an affidavit is done is to add evidence in a case which is reliable just like any information that can be put before the court. The difference between a lousy affidavit and one that can be used in a court of law are the steps followed in writing the same. The heading of an affidavit should be seen from afar where it is supposed to indicate the place where the court is to be held, the names of the defendant and the case number.This The document should also entail the name ‘AFFIDAVIT’ below the heading of the document.One is required to give full information on his/ her details which include the full name, date of birth, the address, religion, job status and so on. The affidavit starts with the affiant name before everything else who is the person that swears the affidavit. The Most crucial part of an affidavit is the written statement that is to be presented in front of a judge if the case proceeds to such an extent.One should write the statements using facts and not opinions which should be stated in numbers for easier referencing in court.

Each and every fact should be well put in its paragraph with letters such as ‘I’ signifying that the person who did the affidavit is reliable for the facts. In scenarios where facts cannot be differentiated, they can be as well stated in a good manner in the same paragraph but outlined properly.There should be names dates and addresses in different facts and as well documents that are attached to ascertain the different facts all over. The affidavit should have a part that shows the person swears that all the statements were written are in fact precise and clear. The last part of the affidavit should consist of a block that shows the signature of the affidavit to legitimize that he/she said nothing but the truth.You should make sure when signing the document there’s a notary in the present that will also help in legitimizing the statements in being facts and nothing else. The notary as well should provide his/ her signature at the bottom following the signature of the affiant.