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Crest White Strips Whitens Your Teeth

Are you going out on a date? Ensure that your teeth are clean and white,you might get rejected by the other person just because they don’t like your teeth! It seems unfair but there are many people out there who wouldn’t want to date you if your teeth look darkened or yellowish.

How healthy your teeth looks gives a hint on how healthy you are likely to be;teeth loss may indicate that your general health is not where it is supposed to be and that you could be at risk from other conditions such as stroke or cardiovascular diseases. These are some of the reasons most people are willing to try anything that promises to make their teeth look white and healthy. It is also why Americans spend an estimated 1 billion dollars every year on dental procedures.

Anyone who wants to have a fine set of white beautiful teeth in their mouth should try Crest White strips-they work.

The following are some of the reasons teeth may take on a coloration that can sometimes be an acute deviation from pure whiteness.

If you love coffee,tea or red wine,it is ok but then you may want to know that these could cost you great future relationships with members of the opposite sex.

The other thing that causes teeth staining is, you guessed it-tobacco.

You may not smoke or take tea or wine,but then you are growing old every passing minute. Beneath the whitish layer on our teeth is another part that appears yellowish in color,and it is this very part that people begin to see in the latter years of our lives.

There are some medications such as antihistamines,antipsychotics ,and high blood medications which have the side effect of darkening teeth. Children who are exposed to certain types of antibiotics are likely to have teeth that appear discolored in adult life.

Now that we know what could be causing the undesirable coloration on our teeth,what can we do about it?

A product that has peroxide as part of its formulation can and will whiten your teeth. The process of eliminating coloration from teeth is known as chairside bleaching.

Did you know that with a little knowledge and the right you could solve your problem at home? If you live in the U.K,all you have to do is buy Crest teeth whitening strips and your problem will be as good as solved.

You are supposed to attach crest white strips on the affected teeth;the strip contains a bleaching agent and it is this that removes the unwanted coloration. This strip has a lower level of the bleaching agent than the solution used by dentists in their offices.

You don’t have to continue suffering in silence as you perpetually get shun by potential life partners;just use Crest white strips or visit your dentist.