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Report on Australian Shares

A stronger energy sector helped to buoy Australian shares as all concerns of an economic slowdown were put away. As a matter of fact, in the afternoon of Thursday, 3rd January 2019, Australian shares turned around the losses they had from the past session. Validus Equities’ executive director notified that the Australian market is roaring ahead and recuperating the losses made in the earlier sessions. The fact that in immediate months the Australian market has encountered a vast recovery and sell off make it real. Institutions have transferred between bonds and equities thereby impacting both of the results. It is predicted that the trend will not cease for some period. This work will address Australian shares at length.

Following the rise in the price of Brent crude oil on Wednesday for a third consecutive session, the energy sector became stronger the following day. A rally on the Wall Street buoyed the price. Oil Search rose, Beach Energy, Santos, Origin energy and petroleum are just illustrations of some of the components on energy whose price level increased. The financial sector was strong with major banks responsible for it. Some of the banks that advanced their position include Commonwealth bank, Westpac rose and Suncorp Group among others.

The material sector advanced with lithium miner Pilbara Minerals dominating the proceedings. This company reported to issue funds for its expansion project and a non-binding resolution with POSCO company that manufactures steel. This move will see both companies in the joint venture, reflect on a sizeable chemical conversion facility in South Korea. Healius (formerly Primary Health Care) had it shares rise and closed high. This is after the company was presented with a voluntary and highly conditional business proposal from Jangho Hong Kong to obtain every share in the company that it did not own.

In another case, Kathmandu had declared that its sales from the December period were below expectation. This result shed light to a weaker sales period during that month for investors. Companies like Baby Bunting, Myer and Super Retail Group among others had the value of their shares diminish around the same time.

Last but not least, the morning of the Thursday that the prices losses were gained, the Australian dollar had hit a low not seen in ten years in a time frame of just three minutes. In another case, Apple cut down the revenue forecast of its first quarter, and local tech stocks company avoided a sell-off by that means. The downgrade was viewed by shareholders to be the outcome of an economic slowdown, particularly from China.

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