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Features To Look For When Buying Astrological Gemstones Online

Gemstones were discovered by mad very many years ago. They have been treated as sources of wealth, power and even seen as sacred. Gemstone dealers can be found online. The astrological gemstone is different because it is seen as a sacred gem. It is associated with different energies in the universe to bring positive results. There are specific characteristics that an astrological gemstone has to have which include a specific color, cut and even sheen and it should be untreated. The features are specific to the astrological gemstone. So that you buy the best gemstone, it is essential to understand all there is to know about them. The following are some qualities that will help you find astrological gemstones online.

A feature that an astrological gemstone should have is that it is natural. Gemstones should not be treated at any cost and should be kept pure. You may find that there are gemstones that have been tampered with and have lost their color or clarity that enhances their beauty. Gemstones are not to be treated in such a way. For a gem to be used as an astrological gem, then it must not be tampered with in any way. If it is treated in any way, then it is not fit to be used as an astrological gemstone.
Another feature of an astrological gemstone is the color that it has. The color that a gemstone has is highly dependent on the origin of the gem. An example of the color difference is in the emeralds where one from Zambia is vivid green, and one from Colombia is spring green. The best astrological gemstone is one that has a hue of other colors and shades over the original color of the gem. You will be able to understand the best gemstone color and where it is originated from.

The clarity of the astrological gemstone should be looked into. It is important that the clarity of this gemstone be exceptional because it uses cosmic rays for it to be used as a sacred gem. Therefore, this gem has to have very good clarity. You can tell a man-made gemstone from a natural one by looking at the natural fine inclusions in the natural one. The clarity of an astrological gemstone should not be less than 85%.

The other feature to look for in an astrological gemstone is that it must have an appealing cut. These gemstones are used in gem therapy where cosmic rays are used in the representing of different energies in the universe and for one to get positive results. The cut of the gemstone should, therefore, be such that it allows for cosmic light absorption. The shape of the gemstone may not be a very crucial part, but the cut is significant.

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