What Is Rhinoplasty

17/12/2018 Off By Aubrey

A type of aesthetic surgery, known as rhinoplasty, is widely applied all over the world to correct deformities of the nose. Rhinoplasty is not only performed for deformities, but also for correcting bone or cartilage curvatures that make breathing difficult and hinders breathing. In rhinoplasty, the most basic objective is to make the nose, which is not compatible with the patient’s facial structure, in harmony with the facial structure, smooth and functional. Rhinoplasty applies to patients who have completed body and bone development. People who have not completed the development of body and bone shouldn’t change the shape of the nose and face before becoming an adult. For this reason, the operation is not appropriate for individuals going through growth spurt. Nowadays, Rhinoplasty is mostly performed for the enhancement of aesthetics rather than medical purposes.

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Before rhinoplasty surgery, doctors evaluate and investigate why the patient wants to have nose surgery. If it is believed that the patient is sure to have the rhinoplasty operation, a number of tests are performed on the patient. Two different techniques are used in rhinoplasty. These techniques are called Open Nose Surgery and Closed Nose Surgery. The technique used in rhinoplasty surgery differs from doctor to doctor and patient to patient. Closed Nose Surgery is performed by making incisions inside the nose. The doctor will reach the nasal bone and cartilage through these incisions.  The Closed Rhinoplasty is performed from the inside of the nostrils. Therefore, there is no scar after the operation. In the closed rhinoplasty technique, no tampons or plaster are used. The nose is protected from damage by special splints and bands placed on the nose. Open Rhinoplasty is performed in the nose between the nostrils. Therefore, there won’t be any scars on the nose in this technique. After the incision is made in the nostrils, the nasal skeleton becomes visible and the operation is performed in this way.

Recovery Process The length and complexity of the healing time in the rhinoplasty varies depending on the technique used by your doctor. Highly skilled surgeons at MCAN Health will choose the most appropriate nose surgery technique for you. Swelling and bruising may occur after the surgery. But these bruises and swelling will heal in a short time. In cases where the swelling does not heal quickly, the swelling can be treated with applying cold compress to the swelled-up region. The healing process is completed within a period of 1 month. If you are excited to have a brand-new nose in as a short period as 1 month, you can contact MCAN Health professionals to make an appointment.