Stars that Have Been Affected by Drugs

22/09/2018 Off By Aubrey

Stars that Have Been Affected by Drugs

Celebrities and stars are the entertainment masters of the world. Whether you are awed by a favorite singer, actor, dancer, musician or some other genre, all the world loves a star. Many stars have suffered silently from the impact of drugs in their lives. You do not know what is going on in the private portion of their life, but what you see is that they are always on top of the game. Although stars are idolized and loved beyond the imagination, alcohol impacts their bodies like any human. Being a star can be difficult for many of them to rationalize, so they turn to something that will make life easier.

Stars use drugs like the average person

Many stars do not keep regular schedules like the average person. They sleep and eat on the go. There is very little time for home and family. Some stars start using drugs as a way of coping with all of the day to day issues. Sometimes a drug is used to take a quick nap, then another drug to wake up. Drugs may even be taken to endure the grueling hours of performing. Even though drugs have impacted the lives of several stars, the world was impacted by some tragic losses.

The devastation of drugs on The King of Pop

Michael Jackson was a beloved entertainer who touched the heart and soul of the whole world. Drugs came into his life at an early age, when he and his brothers were rehearsing for a television commercial. Michael suffered a burn to the head, and was put on pain pills. Unknowing to his family and fans, He became addicted. For years, harsher drugs were needed until he died of a prescription drug overdose which saddened an entire universe.

The King of Rock and Roll

The heart throb of the fifties and sixties, Elvis Presley, was a silent drug abuser. When he came to an untimely demise due to a drug addiction, his fans, and people across every music genre, were shocked. His silky, golden voice was the epitome of early rock and roll. It was just recently that the opioid epidemic was brought into public acknowledgement.

Celebrities who have survived the ordeal

Angelina Jolie was a typical teenager, but was addicted to drugs into her early twenties. She was a survivor, and went on to become a leading actress and box office hit. Charlie Sheen was a huge success until he had a meltdown in front of his public. He even lost his job on a popular sitcom at the time. He is still recovering, and trying to get past his addiction. Drew Barrymore was a child star who started using drugs as a teen. After two admissions to rehab, she overcame her addiction. Lindsay Lohan was an out of control drug and alcohol abuser who later spent time in jail, and in rehab.

Many stars have been plagued by drug and alcohol abuse. Some are speaking out, but there are those who are still hiding behind the false sense of security that it gives. There is an effort by stars who are in recovery to get their story out as an inspiration to others who do not know where to turn.